Top 10 Best Mustache Styles and How to Get Them On

Grooming mustache is fun and a favorite task for almost all men. You can proudly grow any mustache style which is best for you. Wear it like a gentleman at any time of the year and it will rock on you.

Mustaches are back and are a big deal now. We see different celebrities from whom we take inspiration on jamming a mustache, just like Brad Pitt or Hulk Hogan, there are tons of celebrities from all stages of life who have recently grown a mustache and look dashing in it.

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The main part of growing mustache is the natural growth of it. You need to wear it in some different styles. Once the hair is long enough, you can use any good  trimmer or a pair of scissors to give them shape and use mustache wax to give them the specific style which you desire.

For now, you know the three most important things you need for good mustache care are trimmer, scissors and mustache wax. We have listed best of these three items for mustache.

Following are the top 10 latest and best mustache styles and how you can rock the mustache style.


Do not trim your mustache even if it is irritating you. When your mustache is long enough to comb, comb it daily and try to make a part by combing the hair out from under the nose to the left and right side respectively. Apply a small amount of mustache wax and then spread it down the hair.

Curl the ends of your mustache up and then in. While curling put in a little force, since stretched hair can be curled easily.

best Handlebar Mustache


Chevron style can be called ordinary mustache style. You don’t need to do a lot. Just let your mustache grow thicker and darker.

Make sure that the hair never go below the upper lip or past below your mouth, because you will end up rocking cowboy mustache.

Chevron Mustache Style


There are very rare mustache who are as bold as the Horseshoe. It is the ultimate sign of masculinity and is seen with different pro wrestlers.

It is necessary that all of the portions of your face should be clean and smooth as possible.You will have to trim mustache and its sides precisely.

You want your horseshoe to be the only facial hair on your face. This can be a tricky one, especially if the hair get to your chin, but if you are one of the lucky one’s who do not have the problem so you can do it flawlessly.

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Walrus is one of the mustache styles which show your over the top personality. The strategy behind the Walrus mustache is simple, just grow your mustache until it covers your mouth or at least the upper lip. Your Walrus should be as thick to identify a push broom under your nose. This style has attracted everyone from ranchers to the presidents.

This beard and mustache style can be rocked with a combination of beard styles and also looks sexy if rocked with no beard.

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This type of mustache was famous during Hollywood’s Golden Time, this type of mustache was famous among the drinkers, exclusively for the martini crowd who like their drinks as neat as their facial hair. You need to have a careful and a precise hand with a razor to shave your thin mustache into a thin line right above the lips.

most followed best mustache style


The paintbrush and the chevron style may look alike but there are some major key differences that set them apart. One of the slight changes that are found is that the Paintbrush never goes pass the mouth has rounded edges by the sides of the lips and secondly the mustache should be neat and properly trimmed so that it should never go pass the upper lip.

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Its a thin mustache running from the inside over the upper lip to the edge of both sides of the mouth, unattached however complimented by a button facial hair that is become long into an indicate comparable in width that “jaw strap” that you use to wear in the 90′s.

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The only person brave enough make this mustache work was a legendary Spanish painter Salvador Dali. To implement the mustache, he used waxed hair to be able to stand upwards and could roam freely upwards the face. It requires that the chins and the cheeks should be completely smooth and clean.

The hair which is right above the lip should grow long and wide so that you could wax them.

Best Mustache Styles


This exclusive takes a shot at thick straight hair, and it’s going to take a hairdresser who comprehends what he’s doing to help you through the procedure.

It will begin off with a cumbersome toothbrush mustache — think Charlie Chaplin — that you’ll continue becoming out while trimming everything else. You’ll have to grow mustache for a while to rock this style.

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The rule for growing the toothbrush is basically the same as the push broom mustache, you simply trim the edges in toward the finish of your nostrils to achieve it.

Charlie was an interesting person, however he’s not the person individuals consider when they see this style. Think of some other rocking this style and then consider yourself rocking this mustache style. It may or may not give you a good look.

beard and mustache styles

All these are best mustache styles for men of all ages. You can choose any of these if you are interested in growing a mustache. Also check out our list of latest beard styles to choose from if you are planning for a mustache too.


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