20 Different Beard Styles | Long, Short and Goatee

So here we are with 20 different beard styles for men. You will go through various beard styles but all of those are derived from these 20 beard types. Or we may say that these 20 are types of beard and the others derived from it are styles of beard.

These 20 beard styles include full, long, short, small, goatee and all other major types of beard for men and teenagers.

Among with each beard style we have mentioned how to achieve it and what face shape it suits the most.

These are the beard styles which never go off, they are always inn and are followed by men. If you keep each of them simple and do not add or remove from it then these are the best beard styles ever.

These different beard style pictures have been chosen very accurately so you do not confuse it with any other style.

Here we Go . .

20 Different Beard Styles

Short StubbleMedium StubbleLong StubbleImperial Beard French Fork BeardDucktail BeardCircle BeardFull GoateeBandholz BeardExtended GoateeFull BeardClean ShaveVan Dyke BeardAnchor BeardDutch BeardBalbo BeardMutton ChopsVerdi BeardGaribaldi Beard

Short Stubble Beard

short beard style

This stylish beard for boys is considered as one of the most simple among small beard styles. It is easily achievable just by letting your facial hair grow for a couple of days just after a shave. Short stubble beard is usually short, mostly 2-3 mm.

Maintaining this beard style is very easy, just use a trimmer which is good at holding the trimmer head so it could not move and let you trim your beard easily.

Braun Cruzer 6 beard trimmer is the most suitable trimmer for short stubble, because it’s head won’t move at all while trimming, this gives you a same level and fine trim. And besides, it has got a detailed sliding blade through which you could easy trim your hair from neck if you want to.

Medium Stubble Beard

latest beard styles

As the name indicates, the medium stubble is slightly a different beard style as compared to the short stubble. It is more in length, you will have to grow your beard for about a week or 9 days.

The length of medium stubble is around 3-5 mm, any longer than this and it will become a different beard style. The upper portion of the cheeks should be clean so that it could give a decent and clean overall look.

For this short type of beard you can use Braun Cruzer 6 beard trimmer.

Long Stubble Beard

long stubble

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The long stubble style is generally a bit trickier to maintain as compared to different beard types which are short. This beard type style is partially longer than the medium stubble. To achieve this the length of the beard should be 8 mm or more.

You can use ER-GB60-K which has got good adjustment for length setting and has got a wide blade which make trimming easy for such beard style. It is a rather new beard style for men because lately has been followed by lots of men.

Imperial Beard

types of goatee

The Imperial beard style is not actually a full beard but instead a mustache and was popular in France over the next Empire, where it received the name Imperial, rather than the ex – Royale.

You should not confuse it with the Napoleon III Imperial but has commonalities.

The chin and sideburns are kept bare when trimming the Imperial beard, and can be the guts of attention. The end of your mustache on both sides is linked to he hair of your cheeks just besides it.

Do not make the linked hair to cheeks too long, it is kept short as in the beard style picture above.

French Fork Beard

long beard style

The French fork is very different. It is almost the same as of the full beard but is slightly different in some aspect, the facial hair extends past the chin and is divided/split into two different segments as shown above.

You will need to use any beard oil so the hair is not itchy and rough, The Gentlemen’s Beard oil is most suitable.

Ducktail Beard

Beard style pictures

The ducktail beard is goatee cum medium beard style. Many of the men consider this look to be a balance between the wild west and a well-groomed look. Maybe because of this reason this style of beard is considered to be one of the most trending beard styles of today.

To have a perfect ducktail beard the upper part of the beard is to be trimmed a bit shorter while growing the chin part a bit longer, providing the perfect style.

It is a perfect beard style for round faces.

You will need to use any recommended oil to make it smooth and strong.

Circle Beard

beard styles for round faces

One of the best beard style for round faces is the Circle beard which is a goatee but is full, dark and roundly trimmed.

This beard is for men who want to have a neater appearance, it is a classy beard style for men with short hair. The circle beard gets its name from its shape. It is a combination of both mustache and a rounded goatee to give it a very specific and elegant look.

This style popularity grew because of the fact that it is easily maintained just by giving it a round shape and having the short hair so it is acceptable.

Goatee Saver is the best tool one can use to achieve this beard design.

Full Goatee

short beard styles

To achieve a full goatee the hair should be below the lower lip and the size of the goatee must be exact as that of chin or mouth.

To grow a proper and a decent goatee you should let the hair grow below the lower lip and should shave off the rest. The sides should be created vertically, parallel to end of mustache on both sides.

In this short beard style picture you can see two semi circles on either sides of soul patch, you should not extended these too much, let them remain in semi circle shape as shown above.

Goatee Saver is a useful tool for this beard shape too.

Bandholz Beard

Full Beard Style

One among the 20 different beard designs is the Bandholz Beard, which features the full beard style with mustache.

Eric Bandholz is the founder of Beardbrand, a corporation that specializes in guy’s grooming merchandise. With that, he additionally have become well known for sporting a distinct style of beard that has been called the Bandholz.

The Bandholz features a mustache that is linked to a full beard, the beard does no longer prevent on the 20 cm mark but is permitted to grow freely.

This type of beard needs to be oiled badly, Beardbrand Tree Ranger Beard Oil is the most suitable oil.

Extended Goatee

types of goatee

The extended goatee is a combination of both the goatee and the thick mustache. This style is also called tailback or the Hollywoodian.

In order to grow an extended goatee it is necessary to grow the full beard and when it is done so later a person can give it the right shape and size accordingly. It is a new beard kind and lots of aged men like to follow it.

You need to be careful while achieving this style, ER-GB60-K is the right trimmer for this style because you need to have longer hair than a usual goatee, this trimmer has got a variety of setting for different beard sizes.

Full Beard Style

long beard styles 2017

Since various beards have different beard lengths, this one is full and long.

A full beard starts at the cheek line and everything beneath it is left to grow. Men having cheek lines that are too high, or who cannot define the cheek lines should draw an imaginary line so that they could maintain the style.

The time required for this style of beard to fully grow is around 3-4 months, after growing the beard the person can start giving it shape and start defining a neckline.

Using a beard balm and beard oil is very much important for this style and both of them play it own role. Read this to know the difference.

Clean Shave

most followed beard style

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One of the many trending and most followed beard style is the clean shaven style.

This is a very clean style, which means that there is no facial hair. Growing facial hair may come with different benefits but the same can also be said for the clean-shaven look.

For this you need to be using a good shaving cream and perfects razors.

It is also know to be a good beard style for black men.

Van Dyke Beard

different beard styles


The Van Dyke style gets its name from the 17th Century painter Anthony Van Dyke which was his personal look, it has been a trend lately.

In this  beard design, cheeks need to be completely simple and free from facial hair. A Van Dyke appears better if it’s more described also, so those who choose to wear this style should absorb the condition of the chin beard, ensuring the lines continue to be clear after a while.

There are a lot of variations to van dyke style, you can go with long and hooked mustache too.

Anchor Beard

recent beard styles

Achieving this beard design may get difficult but it is  an awesome beard style for men.

This style of beard suits men with square or oblong faces.

You would particularly need to have a precise trimmer for it, it may get impossible without that.

Start from your soul patch, do not trim it but trim the sides. Now trim the beard on your chin in inclined shape starting from soul patch and slowly coming down. From here start moving on the jawbone to the place where the mustache ends (do this on both sides). Also keep a gap between your mustache and where your jawbone beard ends.

With this style you need to have thin pencil mustache.

Dutch Beard

different beard styles

The Dutch Beard is known to be a vintage-faculty style of beard. Its miles commonly associated with the lumberjack type of facial hair. The Dutch also known as the Old Dutch is a big and lengthy beard.

Dutch beard is far connected by way of sideburns and is permitted to flare outwards at the bottom. This beard should not have a mustache.

It can be counted to be a beard style for chubby face.

Balbo Beard

types of beard styles

This style of beard is divided down into 3 main sections.

First, it requires one to grow a mustache. Secondly there is the hair from the chin paying attention to the patch under the lip. The third element is the hair this is allowed to develop under the patch below the lip, resembling the lower part of a standard beard. For reference the Balbo must resemble an inverted “T”.

The Balbo will fit men who have narrow chins. If one is not able to properly achieve a van dyke then he can easily go for this one instead.

ER-GB40-S is the best trimmer for such kind of beard. It will go easy on the full clean shaven part and also help you do the chin part easily.

Mutton Chops

major beard styles

The Mutton chops style of beard is truly a fancier time period for longer sideburns which are allowed to increase all the way down to the corners of the mouth. To grow Mutton Chops, a man need to let his sideburns develop to the corner of his mouth freely.

Then, he must terminate a part of the sideburns, developing an imaginary line described at each corner of the mouth. The lowest edge of the sideburns have to be actually described along the brink of the jawline.

Verdi Beard Style

different beard styles
Among different beard styles which are considered in the long beard category, one is Verdi beard.

This type of beard is one of the iconic beards of the 19th century. It have to be short and rounded at the bottom and should be not than 6 cm in period while measured from the lower lip. The Verdi additionally has a mustache that is awesome from the beard.

The mustache have to not grow extra than 1.5 cm past the corner of the mouth. And specially for this type of beard, it should always be groomed. Most preferable if it is rolled as in the beard style picture shown above.

You will definitely need to use a fine beard oil for this beard and mustache, otherwise you won’t be able to achieve it.

Garibaldi Beard Style

long beard styles

Garibaldi would be seen often by people, but is usually referred to as full or long beard style but there are lots of different beard styles among full beards.

It is largely a wide and full beard with a rounded backside and an integrated mustache. The Garibaldi have to be no extra than 15 cm in length. The mustache must be kept neat, the beard may be allowed to grow certainly. In fact, the natural the beard looks the better.

It appears to be a full beard but is slightly shorter than beard types which are actually considered to be full.

As visible in the beard style pictures that it does not need to be straight, so you do not have to use a brush or something but you really need to use a recommended beard oil because your facial hair needs to be strong, smooth and healthy.

Ending . .

So, these all are the beard types which are mostly followed and all other styles can be called the derivatives of these 20 different beard styles. You should be following the recommended oils, balms and trimmer if mentioned with any of these major beard styles. Go around and check our other related article, you may find other things of importance to you.

Stay tuned for more 😉

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