A Complete Guide to Beard Balm vs Beard Oil?

Beard Balm or Beard Oil has been a problem for all men, even I was confused and I came across certain problems using these both alternately one instead of the other. Come on, these both help very similar in your beard care.

beard balm or beard oil

But the fact is that these both are different in a certain way and they are used for certain reason. They are not even made of same things.

Beard Balm comes from certain butters like cocoa butter etc. and Beard Oil is made by mixing certain healthy and nourishing oils in regard of a healthy and cool beard.

Another important question besides Beard Oil vs Beard Balm is that which one should I use? Well, it’s totally your call. How it is your call will be cleared out after I am done telling you about both, Beard Balm and Beard Oil in detail below.

Before going in to the details of Beard Balm or Beard Oil I would like to clear one more thing, often times it is miss understood that both these Beard Grooming Products are for men with Long Beard. A big no, these products are foo all men having beard, both longer and shorter beard as in the Picture below.

beard balm or beard oil

Beard Balm vs Beard Oil

Beard Balm

So Basically a Beard Balm is used as a conditioner. It moisturizes and shapes your beard. It is not a daily care product as oil which you can use a daily care product. It gives your beard a hold and makes your beard hair look thicker. It is a good one for those with shorter beard as in the picture above, this makes it look thicker and no empty or less hairy spots are seen.

Beard Balm is mostly made of butters like shea, avocado, cocoa or mango etc.

Advantages of Beard Balm:

Hair and Skin nourishment

Thickness of Beard

Shaping and Style control

Conditioning and perfect beard

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Looking towards its use and effect, you can opt for using both the balm and oil or either one of these, depending upon what type beard you want to grow and maintain.

Beard Oil

Beard Oil, Unlike the Balm is like any normal liquid while Beard Balm is like cream. It is a mix of many healthy and useful oils which helps your beard hair and facial skin nourished and lively.

It can be used as one of daily or maybe routine Beard Care Products. According to Texas Beard Company, using beard oil is like an apple a day.

It helps your skin to grow more strong and stylish beard.

Advantages of Beard Oil:

No beard itch and beard ruff

Shiny Beard

Get a soft Beard

Smells amazingly irresistible

Lively skin

Recommended Beard Oil

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Beard Oil must be used regularly up to two times a day for good beard care.

How to use

Here are some simple steps for using both oil and balm for beard

  • Take 1 – 2 drops of oil in your palm (use your index finger in case of balm and take on its tip)
  • Rub on your palm and in between your fingers
  • Apply Evenly and Gently
  • For better results you can use a brush and comb and these re some necessary beard tools too.

Honestly speaking, the amount of both these you use at a time depends on how long your beard is and more than that how much satisfies you, and why not, it’s your own beard man.

This was all about Beard Oil or Beard Balm, I hope this clears out the difference between both and now you know which one to use and when to use.

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