5 Best Beard Styles for 2017 to look Romantic and Appealing

One of the most well known fact is that women are attracted to beards and they prefer a well trimmed and cared face.

They consider it to be sexy and every man can do it with a few simple tips , nothing is more attractive than a fine and best romantic beard style that brings out the manly masculine features and makes him look more strong and decent.

Beards were around for ages but it became a popular trend in last years and sometimes long hair tied up in a high bun can complete the look and achieve perfection.

But each face shape have its own perfect type of beards and the first condition is that it should be accomplished to have that perfect thickness and it should be well groomed and tidy , else you will look like a homeless man. For this you need to consider a good beard balm.

Groomed means that it should be a bit trimmed and even and not completely messy , even the “messy” type of beards needs to  be taken care of.

Here is a list 5 best beard styes to follow in 2017 which will throw out your manliness and give you a romantic beard. They are all the latest beard styles, they give you a perfect look and style. All you need to do is to take care a little bit and follow the way it is groomed by using some good beard balms and oil.

1.The Long Full Beard

full beard styleThis type of beard is the sign of a luxurious life ,a man with this type of beard tend to look wise ,decent and strong. Most of women look for those qualities in a man so in this case the beard will play a big role of expressing themselves and showing the good side of the personality that each women search for in her partner.

This beard helps the man to look more romantic and give him a  bigger chance in attracting ladies. Besides, this romantic beard styles will make you look more caring and kind hearted, which again is an awesome attribute for a man.


 2.The Nerdy Look Short Stubble

nerdy-short-stubble 2017 The short stubble beard can be a best beard style for 2017, it reveals more of a soft personality which is the opposite of the previous beard style ,a man that have  a short beard mostly attract introvert sensitive women that look for a partner with the same personality to get along with. This beard style will work out if you are working at office or some place where you come to meet lots of friends daily. It makes you stand out among the friend circle.

To be honest, ladies are more attracted to this than any other. But, you need to give attention to our beard for achieving this style. Check out some best beard trimmers in our list and choose one for you.

It suits guys with sharp face and it brings up their features.



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3.Rough Beard

rough-beard style for 2017Rough beard is something in between the two previous styles ,it’s not too short and not too long.

A man with rough beard is literally more romantic because it reflects that the person is caring and daring. Guys with this beard styles often have a balanced personality ,they love to party and to go out but they work really hard to achieve their goals in life.

It is more of an early entrepreneur style i.e. decency but a hard worker and intelligent, so any entrepreneur can go for it in 2017. You need check out some best beard trimmers and balms to for this style.



4.Hipster Style

best beard styles in 2017From dreads to long beards hipsters tend to rock the messy long beard and is a best beard style for 2017, they often stay away from the normal standards and create their own beauty standards which shows off through the type of beards they grow.

This beard style is so messy and long , and not every women can find this style romantic only hipster women and few others can find it attractive.




5.Van Dyke

best beard styles for 2017This style is inspired from the old days and the black and white movies and in today’s generation they are giving it a fresh start. This style is a quite simple and classic looking and we cant assume if its romantic or not since women have different tastes but in most cases classy women like simple things might find this style perfect and attractive.




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