Choosing a Beard Balm that Suits you the Most

Beard has been more in trend in world of hot and stylish men since past few years. Thus handling of beard is a totally new thing for them. The newly bearded men cannot cope up with its issues and end up, having frizzy and unhealthy beard.

So what do they do for good beard care? How they choose the best balm for beard? We have some good points for you to take a look before you buy a beard balm.

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But why beard balm is important?

Here is your answer to it.

Beard balm is basically a substance that is used within your beard to solve all beard problems like it makes your beard softer, prevents beard dandruff, keeps your hair well moisturized, reduces split ends, nourishes the skin, gives shape and style to your beard, stays for long time and makes your beard smell good.

Whether it is the bitterly cold winter period or hot torridity time of year, beard balm is used in all seasons. Thus, beard balm is the only effective product to eradicate all these issues. Beard balm is slowly becoming an essential body grooming product in kit of men’s beard.

So if you are going on a highly formal event or some family get-together, bead balm will help you to make your beard and hence you overall look great and worth-praising. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about cost of these balms. The price of one container is nearly $12 and each beard balm container can be used for months.

Choosig a beard balm

Blend of natural ingredients

The question is that what should be the must-present ingredient in a best beard balm. When you want to buy any facial grooming product, you would absolutely look for something containing all or at least maximum natural ingredients. Since the beard balm is made to moisturize and condition your face and beard hair, you definitely will not want something with a cluster of chemicals as they will result in damaging out your face and making your beard stiffer.

Natural and finest ingredients that all beardoholics need to consider while buying best beard balm are: beeswax, essential oils, carrier oils, shea or cocoa butters and lanolin. All of these are natural ingredients that will moisturize and condition your beard and give long lasting style to you without dehydrating your face or making your facial hair brittle.

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Common Ingredients of Beard Balms

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are the ingredients that necessarily need to be present in beard balm. Carrier oils hydrate and nourish your skin that treats itchiness in your beard. Mostly carrier oils are basically derived from plants and nuts. Commonly used carrier oils in beard balm are argan, jojoba, olive, hemp seed oil and sweet almond. Carrier oils prevents extra stiffness in your beard and make it look soft and elegant.

But if you want to choose best beard balm, then going for jojoba is the coolest option because chemical composition of jojoba is similar to the sebum oil-the core ingredient of your skin. It is even best for the people having sensitive skin.

Besides jojoba oil, ARGAN OIL is also have mild effect and so it is having pretty much good result for all skin types. But it is always recommended to have your skin type test to know about your skin before purchasing any of facial care product.


Butters in beard balm are cause of the shiny and healthy look of beard and these are present in accordance with essential and carrier oils.

Commonly used butters in beard balm are shea, avocado and cocoa butter. All of these butters have great smells and overall hair coverage. As beard balm is a sort of pomade, it provides the overall spreadability and melting properties to beard balm.

Essential oils

Chipotel oil, lime, rosemary, cherry bitters and ESP bitters are the few of essential oils present in beard balm. They also give the balm, smoothness and shine. Different combinations and quantity of essential oils provide you beard balm with wonderful scent and extra nutrients.

When you go to purchase beard balm, the first thing you see in it is its fragrance. But you need to look for this ingredient essential oil, according to your skin. Some of the more popular scents that can be present in beard balm are pine, sandalwood and cedar etc.

Some of the essential oils consist of artificial or chemical based fragrances that can extremely damaging for your skin so it is advised to always look for ingredients compatible to your skin. For instance, if your skin has acne issue then you need to choose beard balm with tea tree oil as essential oil in it. It is an antiseptic and works against bacteria to clean up your skin especially underneath your beard.

Furthermore, you don’t need to choose citrus oil based beard balm if you have sensitive skin, in order to avoid damage and red patches.

Bees wax

Bees wax provide the balm its solid texture. This wax is either used in combination with other waxes or can be used alone. It actually helps your beard to stay in same shape for whole day as you styled it. Overall, it is necessary for your beard to give it protection, moisture and shape. So it is a sort of must-present ingredient in the beard balm.

How to use a Beard Balm?

After choosing best beard balm, the question is that how to apply it effectively throughout your beard. The most effective way to use a balm is right after taking a shower. Take a pea-sized balm into your palm. Rub it between your fingers and apply over your entire beard. It is important to coat every hair properly for long lasting and maximum effect. You will see the results of choosing best beard balm soon after its regular usage.

Therefore, in accordance with all these ingredients and your skin type, you can choose the beard balm that suits you the most.


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