11 Different Goatee Styles for Men

Goatee has been the most followed type of beard for centuries now. People like going for different goatee styles because it is a cool and nice design, rather than having full beard and it is easy to maintain. You just need to be careful for the first time while achieving any goatee look and after that its maintenance is easier.

You may go through lots of different goatee designs every day and this is why it is most followed. Because goatee is of different types, each goatee type has its own look on your face, some designs of goatee suits round faces and other suit oval, oblong or square faces.

We have put together a list of 11 different goatee styles, go through these styles and choose any of them depending on which gaotee style suits you the most.

11 Different Goatee Looks

Original GoateeFull GoateeSmart GoateeLanding Strip GoateePetit GoateeExtended GoateeVan DykeAnchor GoateeSoul PatchImperial Napoleon III Elongated Goatee

 Original Goatee

different goatee looks

The original or standard goatee style is just same as shown above in the goatee picture. It goes from the area on chin exactly below the end of mouth to the other end. You can say it is exactly of the same size as your mouth.

This type of goatee does not has mustache with it but some people go fro mustache as well, all this depends on how does it suit your face? with or without mustache.

Full Goatee

short beard styles

This goatee design is keep dark and thick. It covers all the area surrounding your chin and mouth.

Full goatee has a mustache and is trimmed much in a round shape. It’s achieving may get a bit tough but is very easy to maintain. You can use Goatee Saver for such goatee.

Smart Goatee

goatee style

This goatee is pretty much the same as the full goatee in shape but you have to keep your facial hair small in length and also do the trimming precisely for keeping it low and fine.

The mustache is also kept sleek and both the sides of the soul patch are extended as you can see in the goatee style picture above.

Landing Strip Goatee

different goatee designs

This type of goatee starts from your soul patch and is elongated to the end of your chin as you can see above. It is very easy to maintain and you should not go for a mustache with such goatee styles.

Petit Goatee

different goatee styles

In such a goatee type you need to remove all your facial hair except the end part of your chin as shown in the beard picture. It will give a better look if the hair is not left too long, you need to keep the hair in level and it is a great style for you then.

Try nor to go for this style with an elongated chin.

Extended Goatee

types of goatee

This type of goatee is kept thick and is not only bound to chin, it is allowed to go beyond that. You need to trim your sideburns with this till the earlobe and also keep them thick.

A mustache is must with this goatee, without mustache it will not be the same as it looks in the pic above.

Van Dyke

different beard styles

Van dyke is a type of goatee, the hair on chin wide in the middle and is narrowed towards the sides. It is incomplete without mustache.

The mustache can be simple like above or it can long and twisted as shown in the goatee picture below.

best beard styles for 2017

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Anchor Goatee

recent beard styles

This goatee is known as anchor goatee. It is very precisely designed and the mustache is also kept thin or you can call it pencil mustache.

Soul Patch

type of goatee

Soul patch is a very simple goatee. The hair under your lower lip right at the center is called soul patch. You can either keep it thick or thin depending on how best it suit you?

Imperial Napoleon III Goatee

Napoleon goatee

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This style should not be confused with van dyke because of its mustache. Long mustache is common in both but the beard on chin is different.

In van dike the facial hair on chin is spread horizontally while in imperial Napoleon III  the facial hair is vertical starting from soul patch and ending either at the end of chin or below your chin if you like it to hang around as shown above.

Elongated Goatee

Beard style pictures

You will go through different goatee styles in the elongated category as well. Not all goatees are short and kept beard to face. One among the goatee designs is elongated goatee.

It is elongated away from the chin is the shape of a cone or a flask. It gives a more classy look if you keep the cheeks hair too but trim them a little short.

Ending . .

All the different goatee designs mentioned above are the major goatee styles. Other goatees are derived from these styles. Stay tuned for more from us 😉

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