Well Groomed Beard Styles of 2017

Some men look good while rocking a beard. Some always want to rock a beard, of course beard is the beauty element for men. You can always bring changes in beard style and have a better look every time.

Having said all about grooming beard, mentioning the process is also important. It is a time taking and maybe a little difficult process. But one can make it easy by following a proper method for grooming a beard.

To know the process of grooming and growing beard, we will take some examples of properly groomed beard styles. This way you will easily understand the process and then style your beard accordingly.

A good beard is all about grooming and hard work. You need to pay full attention to your beard if you want to rock a strong, long and healthy beard.

Before going towards the examples, you need to know that grooming a beard involves some products to be used frequently and properly. They are oils and balms. For all the 5 beards listed below, Tea Tree Beard Oil and Spiced Citrus Utility Balm are both highly recommended.

We have 5 examples of good beard grooming, these beard styles are the result of proper process and hard work.

  1. Eric Bandholz
  2. Groomed Asian Beard
  3. Wide Spread Beard
  4. Round Full Beard
  5. Perfect Long Beard

Eric Bandholz

Eric is the co-founder of Beardbrand. He had a long beard few months back, but has trimmed it recently. Maybe he wants some change for a while. Well, this beard is an amazing example of perfectly groomed beard.

He has been working on his beard for over 3 years now.

Eric has long mustache, which depends on you, whether you like mustache or not.

For such beard, you need to grow your beard wild for about 2 months. Then trim it using a good beard trimmer. Besides, while growing your beard you need to use oil regularly which will make your facial hair smooth and strong. Beard oil also treats wild hairs properly, so there is no frizzy or curly hair left behind.

Groomed Asian Beard

asian beard groomed

This Asian beard will always suit Asian men. This beard style can be simply achieved by letting your beard grow for about a month.

While grooming you need to make sure that you remove facial hair from your neck and cheeks cleanly. The mustache with this groomed beard style is kept thin and the ends of the mustache are directed inwards to the beard.

It is a beard style which can be followed by working men in 2017. Mostly who go to offices, meetings or teachers as well.

Usage of oil mentioned above is very important in this style too. And, you need to trim this beard regularly, on second day if not possible daily.Panasonic All in One waterproof trimmer

ER-GB40-S is perfect for trimming this style.

Wide Spread Beard

perfectlt grromed beard

This beard is an amazing example of hard work and proper process of grooming beard. The facial hair is thick, strong and healthy. It looks better with long hairstyle.

You have to let your beard grow for about 5 – 7 months. During the process of growing your beard, you need to use recommended oil and balm regularly, both mentioned in the start.

After you achieve a good length as in picture above, you need to use scissors if there are any frizzy or any other hair that does not looks OK to you. Besides this, you do no need to trim or cut any hair.

Do not use trimmer in this style.

Round Full Beard

This beard style is for gentlemen who really want to groom good beard but are not OK with long facial hair. It is a full beard style but not too long. For those who don’t want too much long hair, this one is a good option for beard grooming.

For this style, you need to grow your beard for about 3 months and keep on applying beard oil during this period. Once your hair reach a length which you consider to be good for you, start using scissors for cutting extra hair.

The mustache with this beard needs to be properly done and should be thick and dark. Also keep on using balm and oil mentioned at the top.

Perfect Long Beard

prcocess of groomed beard

Last but not the least on our list we have the finely tuned long beard. This beard look always suit most of the men. It is kept thick and dark.

The mustache with this beard is kept thick and big. You need to cut extra hair from your beard and not use any trimmer.

This length can be achieved within 6 – 7 months and can grow faster if you use our recommended facial hair oil and balm. On the neckline you need to be careful not to use trimmer but a scissors.


Ending . .

This was all about groomed beards from latestbeardstyles.com. One can easily achieve any beard style if he follows a proper process of growing beard. It is all about time, hard work and intentions. Stay blessed dear men 😉

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