How to Apply Beard Balm Effectively

Bearded guys love to maintain their beard well. They always put efforts for making their beard more fine and healthy. They know the process of beard maintenance like how to apply beard balm and oil etc. or how to groom beard.

Life is all about grooming, and doing it properly is more fun. For some people grooming beard is fun and hobby and they love doing it.

Some of the many products used for beard maintenance are oils, pomades and beard balms and are often used by bearded guys. But, are they using beard balm the right way? and most of them may be thinking:

How to use beard balm effectively?

How to apply beard balm?

OR What are the effects of beard balm on my beard?

So, today we will be discussing the proper use beard balm like when, where and why and how to use balm on your beard?

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Why do we use beard balm?

When you get to know that what a beard balm is used for and what are its benefits? then it is easy to understand about how to properly apply it.

So, beard balm helps you facial hair to grow healthy, become smooth and soft. It removes all the frizzy hair and gives your beard a proper shape. Besides, in some cases it also helps your skin and moisturizes it thoroughly.

By using it, you can have more long and healthy facial hair and the new growing hair is also strong.

perfectly grromed beard

How to use beard balm?

Knowing what it does to our facial hair makes on thing very clear, you should apply it in such a manner that it reaches each single hair on your face and is applied equally.

How to apply beard balm?

How to Apply Beard Balm

  1. Take an amount of beard balm on your finger tip. Not too less neither too much.
  2. Rub it in between your fingers.
  3. Start applying it to your beard, starting from neck.
  4. Keep on applying evenly and move upwards towards the sideburns covering the chin, cheeks and jawline.
  5. Repeat 1-4 if some of the hair is left out untouched.


While applying the balm to beard, keep the process soft so you don’t harm any of your facial hair.

Where and When to use beard balm?

Since the main purpose of beard balm is to keep to your facial hair smooth, healthy and moisturized. So, it needs to be used frequently at dry places or in places where the weather is mostly cold.

Beards men from Europe must use beard balm and use it frequently.

Now, some people may also ask, when should they apply balm to their beard? This depends on you, because you know your beard more than anyone else.

Some people would like to use it every  2days and some would like to apply in every 12 hours. On average beards-men use it one time a day, mostly in the morning when they are getting ready for work.


These are some balms for men which are mostly used by beards-men and are recommended as well. (Click over image for more info).






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