How to Shape a Beard Properly

Growing a nice beard is all about taking care in which shaping is most important.

So, What a properly shaped beard means? and How to shape a beard?

A properly shaped beard

  1. is healthy and strong
  2. has no rough and split ends
  3. is evenly trimmed
  4. has clean neckline and cheek line

Above all, you need to be patient. Especially if you are planing for a long or full beard. Achieving your desired beard style may take a bit long but by following this process you will get it easily and also during the beard growth phase your beard will look good.

For properly grooming and shaping your beard, you are going to do some tasks on regular basis. It is not difficult at all, but it takes time.

Below we have discussed each step and also recommended the tools and products you will be needing.

Let’s take a look at what you will be doing with your beard.

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Making your Beard Healthy

Before you do anything, you first have to think about the health of your facial hair which is very important.

A healthy beard means your facial hair grows fast, it is strong, it does not fall, it does not scratches your face, it is moisturized, it is soft and keeps itself safe from dust and rain etc.

how to shape a beard properly

After you have a healthy beard, you can do anything and any style to your beard.

So, for making your beard healthy you need to use beard oil regularly and beard balm occasionally. Beard oil does most of the part in making your beard healthy, it makes it grow fast, grows new strong hair, moisturizes it and keeps it safe from all sorts of damage.

While a best beard balm gives shape to your beard and makes it soft. It also keeps your beard from dust and rain etc. Beard balm is used occasionally.

Below are best oil and balm for beard and you can also find more good beard care products at Lovely Beards, they have a range of effective beard oils and beard balm, their products are natural and have long lasting scents.

Removing Damaged Hair

One sign of a healthy beard is that it has no rough hair and split ends. This needs to be removed. Only then, you will be able to shape beard properly.

Major part of removing dull and damaged hair is done by oil but you also need a beard brush. It keeps your facial hair straight, untangled and also remove extra oil if you have applied too much.

Now besides this you also need to keep on removing any hair which you think is way too rough or is ruining the look of your beard. For this you will need a special beard scissors, remember not to use ordinary scissors for defining beard.

Special scissors for beards are properly made to be handled easily while doing your facial hair and are specially designed to play with facial hair.

You have to use scissors on a regular basis. It is very important to keep on removing bad hair and keep your beard in shape.

Using a beard comb with scissors will make the process easy. Beard combs also untangles your hair thorough which you will easily notice bad hair.

Here is the best brush, scissors and comb.

Beard Brush
Beard Scissors
Beard Comb

Trimming Beard Evenly and Properly

Evenly trimming your beard is crucial for a proper shape of beard. So you need to careful while trimming your beard.

First off, you need to choose a best beard trimmer for you, which depends on multiple factors. A beard trimmer is a smart investment in your beard shaping process, so you should choose carefully.

For good shaping of beard the best electric trimmer is Panasonic ER-GB60-K, it is powerful, easy to hold and has over 39 length settings. It is washable and smart enough to define your neckline and cheek line, discussed below.

Defining Cheek and Neckline

No matter what you do to with your beard, but defining neckline and cheek line is most important. A properly shaped beard is more judged by clear neckline than by it’s health.

So, for trimming your neckline You need to follow one of either two well-known methods.

  1. Imaginary Angle Method
  2. Two Fingers Method

Check out both methods in detail here

In imaginary method you have to consider two lines, one traveling under your jawline from one earlobe to the other on the other side. The second line starting from the outer edge of your sideburns and crossing the first line perpendicularly. At last, trim off everything out of these lines.

The second method is two fingers method, here you place your two fingers (index and middle) exactly above your Adams Apple and trim your neckline above it. This method is a bit vague, but it can get you a good beard shape.

Cheek line does not effect the overall style of your beard as compared to neckline. So you can let it grow naturally or either trim it precisely.

This depends on what suits you. But if you want to trim you need to imagine a line between your mustache and sideburns and trim straight on that line.

In the beard pictures below, first one shows undefined cheek lines and the second one shows trimmed cheek lines.

shaping a beard

long stubble

Hope you now know the process of beard shaping and you can shape your beard easily. It involves some tools and a little patience. A good beard is all about proper care, anyone can do it.

Check around for more about beard and stay tuned for more 😉

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