Detailed Guide on Shaping your Goatee

Trimming your goatee can be easy if you follow a proper way. You need to understand when and where to trim a goatee, what should be its length and how often you need to trim it.

By knowing all these things, you can easily shape and groom a goatee style and then maintain it. But before starting trimming your beard, you need to choose a goatee style because there are different goatee styles, each of them differs in length, shape and design.

Assuming that you know about all the goatee styles and have also picked one of them, let’s get started with how to shape a goatee.

It is important to mention that here we will be discussing the general method of goatee trimming. This includes all the important points that can be the basis for all goatee styles, since all the styles are different and have slightly different methods than each other.

Lets start off with the process of grooming goatee at home.

  1. Grow your beard
  2. Cultivate your beard
  3. Choose a style
  4. Shape your goatee

Grow Your Beard

First off, you need to let your beard grow for 2 weeks at least. Even if you want to have short goatee which is less hair, You still have to let it grow long because you can only style a proper goatee when your facial hair is long.

Often, what people do is that they just try to shave a goatee without growing beard. By doing so, it would not not take the proper style and would not fit in.

This is how a 2 week beard would look like.

to style a goatee, first grow beard for 2 weeks

Cultivate your Beard

Beard products like oils are very essential to make your facial hair strong and smooth. You need soft facial hair for trimming a fine goatee. So, you need to use any best beard oil.

By doing so, your hair will be soft, smooth, strong and above all it would be dark and thick.

Choose a Style

Now that you are ready to trim a goatee, you need to choose a goatee style to trim it. All of this depends on your face, either it is ob-longed, oval, round or maybe square.

See some different goatee styles here and choose any of these, depending on what suits you or which style you like to wear.

Shape your Goatee

This is the most important part of trimming a goatee. It is the step when you get a trimmer and start rimming.

Before going towards ho to trim, you must have a best beard trimmer with you. Trimmer has a very important role while styling your goatee.

You must also comb you facial hair before you start trimming it.

Now, it is time to shape your goatee. As you know, all goatees are some where around chin. Some are short, some are long but all of them stay around the chin.

So, Goatee Saver is the main tool to use before any further styling. This tool gives you a perfect goatee, covering all your chin with perfect outlines. After you trim your beard using this tool, you can go for further styling, because all other styles are derivatives to this main goatee.

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After you are done with this. Now is the time to start shaping it as per your style.

If your style is only limited to goatee and no mustache so you need to properly remove your mustache.

Try not to extended your chin hair from both ends of the mouth, which means the size of goatee should be equal to the size of your mouth. Some people also trim the soul patch and try to bring their goatee more towards the lower part of chin. Like the picture below.

different goatee looks

This is one process for trimming a goatee. Below, you will also see another method, which we call the manual process for styling a goatee.

Manual process for shaping goatee

In this method, you first define the outline for your goatee. The outlines on both sides start from a little ahead the point where your lips end on left and right side as shown by the red lines in the pic below OR from the point where your mustache ends on both sides (depends of how long or big you ant your mustache).

From these two point, you have to trim your beard down all the way to the chin. Keeping in mind that both sides must be same.

howto shape a goatee

 Hope you now know how to shape a goatee and you can easily do it. Have a look around the website to know more about beards.

Stay Tuned 😉

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