No Shave November 2017 Details – The Ultimate Guide to Growing Beard

So we are here with No Shave November 2017, it is always good to be a part of it because you do it for a good reason. Let’s go through all the details and a guide for growing beard in November.

Being a part of this event means not spending money on any type of product which you use to trim or shave your body and facial hair.

Both men and women can participate by not shaving hair from any body part, for the sake of awareness against certain cancers and health diseases which men may face.

The money you spend each month for shaving can be donated instead in November to several organizations like Movember Foundation and which is then used for awareness of cancers like early detection, treatments and reducing the cause of death.

There is no rule of strictly not trimming or shaving your beard or mustache, since people need to go to work or schools they need to follow a dress code. It is just to raise awareness and you can still donate for this cause even if you spend the same amount on your hair as you do every month.

All you need to do is to participate by sightly growing a stubble, goatee or any good beard style in 2017.

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History of No Shave November

Not centuries or decades but, the history comes from Australia in 2003. A group of men decided to grow mustache and not shave it for the next 30 days in November.

The basic purpose was to raise awareness for several men’s diseases. Their main aim is to reduce death cause and stop men from dying young. That group is now know as Movember Foundation.

In Australian-English the word “mo” stands for mustache, so the “No” part of November is replaced with “mo” and ultimately becomes Movember.

They only focused on mustache when they started the first time, came up with 30 guys who were willing to participate. Mo Bros, is what they call their self.

So they started with only 30 Mo Bros and now they over 5 Million Mo Bros and Mo Sisters. They raised nothing for the first time but they have raised over €409 Million since they started in 2003 and funded lots of men disease projects.

Difference between Movember and No Shave November

People are always curios to know the difference between these two.

Well, it is a bit twisted around. The thing is that both these are events in which people take part in November for one same reason. The reason is to raise awareness about male diseases and cancer and also raise funds for this cause.

They are different in some sense which I will clear out to you.

Movember Foundation started all this for awareness in men by growing mustache only. They started with a small number and now millions of people participate in it. The main thing is that they only grow mustache in November.

On the other hand, no shave November cause is a concept derived from Movember. It is the same reason of awareness. People embrace their hair by not shaving hair from any body part for the hole month. But mostly it is recognized by no shaving in November.

Most of the men stop trimming their beards in November. There is this organization who motivates people to participate and help in raising funds or donate for this cause.

I hope the difference between these two is now clear, there is no difference but actually there is.

Growing Beards in November 2017

So if you are willing to participate this year for awareness. I have a best plan for you which will help you grow your beard in order and you won’t face any difficulties.

I have planned it week wise. There are some different steps for each week and some products as well. Because, you do it to raise awareness. There is no rule of strictly not trimming or not styling your edges etc.

Here we go with the beard grooming plan for November.


So you stop shaving and start growing your beard for a month for a good cause. In week 1, it is just going to show off a little bit and you don’t need to look it every now and then. Since, it won’t be that long.

For people who shave their beard regularly, it may be a little difficult because the hair on your face is a bit pointy for a few days and it may also start itching after day 4 for a day or two. Do not worry, I repeat do not worry at all. It is normal and you won’t feel the itching after two days.

no shaving november week 1pic source

Since your beard is not going to be long in this week, therefore you don’t have to pick a style yet. We have a list of styles at the end of this post, you should concern it after week 2 is over.

All you have to worry about is that your neckline and cheek lines would look a little weird. You would need to cut your beard lines. We have the best solution for it.

The Remington PG6025 Beard Trimmer

It is one of the great and cheapest trimmer that can be used for multiple tasks. Since you would be using it for 4 weeks in November, it is the best option.. You can also use it as your permanent trimmer if you don’t have one. It is also listed among our list of 20 best beard trimmers.

Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit, Trimmer (8 Pieces)


So in week two, you will get rid of all itching if it may occur in 1st week. You would have nice stubble if you do your cheek lines and neckline perfectly.

By the end of week 1 you would look great, since some people like having small stubble and honestly it gives you a sexy look. You can use the trimmer mentioned above continuously for the rest of the month and use same length setting for stubble.

But, if you plan to move on, then this is the time you focus on using some conditioner for rapid and smooth growth. In week 2 your beard would spread out, it would grow and cover your cheeks. It would look darker now. So, you need to look after your beard in a way that it does not picks any dandruff or maybe not grow in wrong direction.

No shave november 2017pic source

For this reason you need to use some balm or oil mentioned below. These balms helps you direct your beard in the way you want, keeps you safe from many things which later may affect your skin and also helps you grow it a bit fast than its natural growth.

The choice depends on you, beard oil would make your beard grow a little fast and would prevent any dandruff or fall if it may occur. You also get a comb free with this oil, which I mentioned could be used for directing your beard the way you want.

And, the balm would work like a conditioner, it makes your beard shiny, thicker and healthy. It has got all the essential waxes and butters to give you the most that you want in week 2. Besides, the balm mentioned below is the best seller alongside being totally pure and hand crafted.

Prophet and Tools Beard Oil and Beard Comb Kit

Prophet and Tools Beard Oil and Beard Comb Kit! FREE Beard Care Ebook Included - Unscented Leave-in Conditioner, Softener, and Beard Growth - 0% Alcohol, Vegan and Nuts-Free - All Organic Vitamin E

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner - All Natural -Vegan Friendly Organic Oils and Butters - 2 ounce tin


Now that you have come so far, you are a permanent participant of no shaving November 2017. You probably have a dark and thick beard by now, although not long. It is about time to choose a style for yourself and groom your beard that way for the next two weeks.

Beard growing guide for novemberpic source

You have a lot of options, keep it simple and only do the lines, go for a goatee, a medium stubble or any style you love. Below the No shave November 2017 plan for growing beard, I have listed a few styles you can go for.

By week 3 you may also need a beard wash to keep it clean and tidy. We have chosen a special wash, which would work for almost any style and not effect it.

Honest Amish Beard & Body Soap

Honest Amish Beard & Body Soap (Original)


Week 4 is all about beard care. You have to trim your beard lines carefully, if you haven’t chosen a rough beard style. You also need to use balm, since it would be a big beard now and you won’t be too much used to it, so the balm would stop any irritation or other effects.

You have to wash it regularly to keep it clean and healthy.

This was the whole plan for growing beards in November 2017, this way you can participate in Movember 2017 more easily and enjoy it, since you won’t face any difficulties about your beards in November.

Beard Styles for No Shave November 2017

OK guys, if you went through the 4 weeks plan of growing beards in Movember 2017, You must have noticed that week 3 is where you choose your style. We have brought together some styles which you would love to go for.

 Here we go .  . .

Short Stubble

nerdy-short-stubble 2017You can choose to go for a short stubble in November 2017. It gives you a soft and gentle look.

Short Stubble is always said to give sex looks to men. Besides, if you are a guy who has to go to office or anywhere official, you can go for it. Since it won’t violate dress code and makes you look more of a gentleman.

Entrepreneurs specially, would like to go for this one.

For this style you need to start trimming your beard edges from days 3 or 4 of week 1 and then start trimming it regularly with the same length head.



Rough Beard

rough-beard style for 2017Some of you may opt to go for rough beard style for Movember. Rough beards always look great, it gives men an attractive touch and also shows out your hard working personality.

With rough beard you also grow straight big mustache. This makes you a real men defender, since you participate totally.

Rough beard comes up in third week. So you don’t need to do anything with your beard until it is week 3. All you have to do is that, trim your beard lines once a week so you don’t get a messy look.

Once you are in to week three, you can use any scissors for slight touch ups for any hair that may come out totally wrong.

Van Dyke

best beard styles for 2017Since there is no rule of strictly not shaving or trimming your beard in No Shave November. So Van Dyke is a real style which you could follow.

It is more preferable to go for it once you enter week three, but you can also go for it by the end of week 2. This style will make you look that you are really participating in Movember 2017.

A small stubble or rough beard, can make you look like you are not shaving for any reason such as procrastination or may too much workload. But Van Dyke would make it out clear to the people that it is because of no shaving November.

It is a classic look, and it is obvious whenever it comes to beard, it is more appealing and attractive if it has a classic touch.


Goatee for no shave novemberGoatee is a world popular style which people go for in November. It is easy to keep, does not takes lots of efforts or time.

Simply, when you enter week 2, go for it. Shave of the rest of your beard and let the mustache stay alongside hair on your chin. This beard style also makes it out clear, that you are a part of Movember.

Above mentioned are four best beard styles for 2017 in November. You can find a lot of other beard styles but the thing is that since it is only one month so you can choose such styles which would look good with this much long hair.

Other beard styles may require long facial hair which you don’t have unfortunately in November.


This was all about participating in this great event which takes place every year. Lots of men could be save if you participate. I hope now you know all about the history and how to be a part of it. Besides, I also have written the details for the 1 month plan and the styles too.

For now share it with your friends and enjoy the BEARDS everywhere 😉 .




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